Walid Shoebat Criticized by Former Israeli Shin-Bet Agent

I posted an article wherein Mr. Shoebat criticized a fellow Palestinian convert to Christianity named Mosab Hassan Yousef.  He questioned if Mr. Yousef actually spent time in a certain Israeli prison and actually loved Israel, as Mr. Shoebat does, since Mr. Yousef was critical of Israel in some areas.  The following is a letter to Israel National News from a former Israeli intelligence agent that is supportive of Mr. Yousef and confirms his claims.

Mosab Hassan Yousef worked as an Israeli agent for about ten years. When I met him, he was a young and wild Palestinian. Over the years, I watched him become one of the most important players in the bloody intelligence game in the West Bank.

Mosab was never a yes-man. He had strong beliefs and character, and he never made any attempt to flatter anyone.

Last week, I read an article by one, Walid Shoebat, who claims to have been a PLO terrorist who bombed Bank Leumi in Bethlehem. Yet, I never heard his name before, never saw his name in any Israeli intelligence files, and there is no record of any such attack.  Click here for the rest of the article.

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