Questions on the “Fulfillment of the Law”

Where did Jesus say only TEN commandments would never pass away? He said “the Law” would never pass away (Mt. 5:18); Is this limited only to ten? ( I think there are more than 600 laws in total in the Old Testament; at least that’s the number I’ve heard thrown around)

What does it mean that Yeshua came not to “abolish, but to fulfill” the law? (Mt. 5:17) Apparently the law is “fulfilled”–what does that mean?

If God decided to take it easy on us and only hold us to 10 Commandments, why does Paul say in Romans 7:6 “we have been released from the law” and that we “died to that by which we were bound”, and then in 7:7 he uses one of the 10 Commandments (YOU SHALL NOT COVET) as an example of the Law from which we are released? If the law is still in effect for Christians, are God and Paul not on the same page?

Same with the Sabbath–apparently Paul thinks that “keeping the Sabbath” is optional and that its a mere shadow of the substance (Rom 14:4-6, Col 2:16-17).

What is the Sabbath rest we are to enter? (Heb 4:8-10) Does this happen once a week, on a Saturday?  Or, God forbid, a Sunday?

Apparently we are dead to the law (read Galatians)–what does that mean?  So if we are dead to the law, but the law will never pass away, what is the purpose of the law? (Gal. 3:24)

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