Joel Richardson’s new book “Mideast Beast” is a must read

I recently read Joel Richardson’s latest book and was impressed with his faithfulness to scripture – it was heavy on research and biblical hermeneutic, and light on speculation. He has written a sound treatise on why scripture requires that it is the surrounding nations of Israel, and specifically, the northern, Islamic nations that will descend on the Holy Land to rid it of Jews just before Jesus Christ returns physically to destroy them, rather than a European Antichrist, as has been popularized. He meticulously takes apart passages that have been the mainstays of the European/Roman model and shows how these verses have been misunderstood and misapplied.

In addition He teaches that there is a single, major conflagration and not two or three that precede the return of Christ, in keeping with the Jewish teaching that it is Gog of Magog that precipitates the coming of Messiah. Most prophecy teachers today teach that this is but a preliminary battle.

Above all, one understands that what is happening in the Middle East today is exactly what the Bible prophesies; that the return of Christ is very close. I was so impressed with the book that I gave it to my pastor and encouraged him to read it.

I recommend Joel’s book highly.

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