A Satirical Look at the Qur’an and Mohammad, 100% True Content!

This video contains a satirical look at the teachings of the Qur’an and Mohammad; 100% of the content is taken from the Qur’an and “official” Hadiths.  It is important to expose what is actually taught by the Mohammad as revealed in the Qur’an and Hadiths.

We must not be bullied or threatened into submission, the actual meaning of Islam (not “peace”), by this murderous and violent system.  Most Muslims are not evil, just deceived and/or trapped in horrendous bondage.  I pray that all who watch this video, Muslims or otherwise, will be provoked into considering what Mohammad and Islam actually teach, and that they might seek the true God as revealed in the Bible, Yahweh, who loves us and provided His unique Son Yeshua to atone for our sins and restore our purity and relationship with Father God.

Although I did not create this video and I agree that it’s rather amateurish and tongue-in-cheek, I think it is worth sharing both because free speech is worth standing up for and it presents an accurate picture of actual Muslim beliefs.  I am happy to discuss it with anyone in a calm and rational manner, but I will delete immediately any threatening or violent posts without responding.

Happy viewing!

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