Day 7 (Saturday), Day 1 (Sunday) and Day 6 (Friday) in the Bible, and What They Tell Us About Judaism, Christianity and Islam

666Saturday, the seventh day of creation, is the day God rested from His works.  It eventually became known as Shabbat or Sabbath, meaning “rest” or “cessation”. In Genesis 2:3, of the 7th Day, it says that “God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.”  In Exodus 20:10 God commanded His people under the Law to rest on the seventh day, which the Jews still do up to the present.

The number ‘7’ appears over and over throughout the Bible, over 700 times.  In scripture, seven symbolizes completeness or perfection, and is also symbolic of God—there are seven Feasts of the Lord in Leviticus 23, and seven Spirits of God (again, representing perfection, not an amount) in the Book of Revelation.

By observing the Sabbath, the Hebrew people demonstrated submission to God’s revelation and His Law, which is the tutor leading us to Christ (Gal 3:24).  The Law shuts up all under sin so that the promise might be given to those who believe in Jesus (Gal 3:22).

Sunday, the first day of the week, is the day of Resurrection (Mt 28:1).  Sunday is the day that Yeshua triumphed over death and put an end to the curse of the Law (Deut 27:26 and Gal 3:13).  By having faith in Christ, we experience the true rest of which the weekly Sabbath was only a foreshadow (Col 2:16,17; Heb 4:8-10).

The number ‘1’ represents Christ; He was raised on the 1st day of the week, He is the firstborn of all creation, and is the first fruits of those to be resurrected.  In Him there is neither Jew nor Greek, but we are one in Him (Gal 3:28).  Jesus gave his one “new commandment” the night He was betrayed:  Love one another.  The Spirit descended the first day of the week, a Sunday (Pentecost is the 7th Sunday after the Feast of First Fruits, or the Resurrection Day).  Christians worshiped on Sunday from the earliest times as recorded in history and the Bible (Acts 20:7; 1 Cor 16:2; Rev 1:10).

Friday, the sixth day of the week, is perhaps the crucifixion day or Passover, the day Yeshua was killed, although there is a healthy debate about that.  We do know man was created on the 6th day (Gen 1:26-31), and that this number is associated with mankind and judgment—Noah was six hundred years old when the flood came upon the earth (Gen 7:6) and the number of the Beast in Rev 12 is “6-6-6”.  Man was to work for 6 days (Exo 20:9) before the Sabbath, so six represents human effort and toiling.  When Christ was on the cross, darkness came in the sixth hour (Mk 15:33).

The number ‘6’ represents Man and his fleshly efforts.  Islam has chosen Friday as its day of worship.  Islam glorifies the number ‘6’ (see this website, for instance).  Friday precedes the Sabbath, commanded by the Law, usurping the prerogative of God to require righteousness and then to provide the means to achieve it.  Islam is lawless; Paul describes a “man” of lawlessness who will appear before the second coming of Jesus (2 Thes 2:1-3).  This describes Islam.  It rejects the Law of God revealed by the Sabbath and the Righteousness of God, revealed by the resurrection on a Sunday.

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  1. Thanks Kurt for sharing this amazing insight. makes perfect sense. I’ve tried to tell others about this, and failed, but I didn’t have it layed out as well, and lacked all the information. When studying this, I spent quite some time on the 666 talents of Gold received by Solomon, but couldn’t reconcile it until now. The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways. I’m sharing. Thanks again.

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    Day 7 (Saturday), Day 1 (Sunday) and Day 6 (Friday) in the Bible, and What They Tell Us About Judaism, Christianity and Islam

  3. Kurt J. says:

    Thanks, IANAOTGOC. Not sure how amazing it is, other than it’s God’s amazing word. It sort of jumped out at me the last few days.

  4. Willard says:

    I really found these comments of your discovery very interesting Kurt – God always provides the answers to his truths.

    The below was just posted on JT just today which I had forgot about the history of the June 6 -day war in 1967 and the retaking of Jerusalem and temple mount was fought for 5 days and than the 6th day was the Sabbath when a Peace Treaty was agreed to. It is simply amazing how God does everything perfectly – even with the reclaiming of his temple

    God toke back his temple mount just like creation week

    • Thanks Willard, I did read the link to Joel’s trumpet, and I find that amazing. I too got that date several years ago, although I hold to the belief that we won’t know the exact date, I do believe that we can know the season and the times. And this definately proves we are in that season! I knew the 6 day war was significant but really didn’t put it together like this. God is amazing! Thanks. I will visit the other link later. Thanks again.

  5. Willard says:

    I am thinking have not checked this out as I am a bit confused with the Hebrew calinder at the moment – but is it possible that Rosh Hashina were to fall on a Sabbath would this be the day of rest ?? or final day

  6. Willard says:


    From Joels Trumpet

    Re: 2017 – Daniel Validates Luke and Luke Validates Daniel

    Having checked the days of the weeks for the Days of Awe which would be the 10 days of wrath or the Great Tribulation ?? for the year 2016 – I found that Rosh Hashina 2016 begins on a Thursday ten days later on Yom Kippur when the wrath has been completed is a Friday – the following day Saturday will be the Jews Sabbath – a rest day once the wrath is complete. Exactly like it was when the Jews reclaimed Temple Mount in 1967

    I am not saying that this is the final day – but if it were it makes sense from Gods perfect order 10 days of wrath and that the Sabbath – Not only is it a Sabbath it is also the day of year for the 121st JUBILEE – But the message remains let us Watch and Wait and See (Test all things)

    Kurt – You may have opened the window a lot further than you know.

    • Kurt J. says:

      Yes, that’s an Amazing chart that aligns well with the various Scriptures. If it’s true we don’t have long to wait, but the world situation is about to get immeasurably worse. We’ll keep watching.

  7. Anita says:

    Have you looked into the 4 Blood Moon Tetrads that are about to occur next year 2014-2015 on the Hebrew Calendar’s Feast Days from Leviticus 23? I would love to hear your thoughts about it. i know that they are very significant for Israel and Christians, we need to be sharing Christ urgently and preparing our own hearts. Please read about the seven churches in Revelations we need to look closely at where we are Spiritually. We need to be the Spiritually alive church at Philadelphia and help our Christian Brothers and Sisters who are being Martyred like those in Smyrna. Please pray for them the persecuted church. I am a retired International American Airlines Flight Attendant, who has seen so much after 29 years of service since 9/11. China’s Calendar next year is that of the horse and 2015 is the sheep. Also, the Jews believe that Jacob’s trouble began this past March, on March 22 2013 Obama was speaking of peace to the young college students in Israel telling them they could make a change. Keep growing in you faith and love my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ and pray for a sweep of revival for all believers across the world and that the Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of men and women to receive Jesus Christ Redeeming Blood and to be Baptized with the Holy Spirit to be Born Again. Be strong in The Lord Jesus Christ and remain faithful and pray continually.
    In love,

    • Kurt J. says:

      Hi Anita,

      Yes I’m aware of the lunar eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 & 2015. This could be very significant – I agree with you. Let’s keep watching and praying, definitely including praying for our brethren suffering in Islam-dominated lands.

      Thanks for writing,

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