Genesis 1-3


  • Day is described as “evening and morning”–darkness first, then light. Spiritual application?
  • Gen Ch. 2 account of creation is in diff order than Gen Ch. 1–man is created prior to plants, which in Gen Ch. 1 is Day 6 and Day 4 respectively. Should we be obsessing over these sorts of details? The world seems very concerned about things like this.
  • One of the rivers of Eden “surrounds” Cush, or Ethiopia! Gen 2:13 Another is in western Arabian peninsula (Gihon) Tigris and Euphrates are of course in Iraq.
  • Satan never addresses God as YHWH, but as Elohim–there is no “personal” relationship, only an acknowledgment of position and authority.

Of course there’s lots more, but these particularly stood out to me today.


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