Job 6-13


The KJVSV (Kurt J. Very Short Version):

Ch 6: Job: You guys aren’t very good at comforting someone who is suffering.

Ch 7: Job: My life is futile and I’m in physical pain; what did I do to deserve this?

Ch 8: Bildad: You must have sinned. If you’ll just repent, God will make everything good again.

Ch 9: Job: You’re right in theory; there is no one righteous. If this is the case then I’m doomed, there’s no arbitrator between me and God.

Ch 10: Job: Why God? Tell me where I am guilty?

Ch 11: Zophar: Repent and have a positive attitude, things will turn around!

Ch 12: Job: You guys are numbskulls; YHWH does things we can’t understand.

Ch 13: Job: I am going to keep crying out to God; even if He kills me I’m going to keep trusting Him. He’s big enough to handle my complaints.


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