Job 17-31

More KJVSV (Kurt J. Very Short Version):

Ch 17: Job: My name has become an insult, people mock me; all I have to look forward to is the grave.

Ch 18: Bildad (friend #1): You think we’re idiots, you’re not listening to what we’re saying–let me tell you what happens to the wicked; does this sound familiar?

Ch 19: Job: And you’re not listening to me–God has brought this upon me from nowhere–even so, I do have eternal hope because I know my Redeemer lives and He will one day stand on this earth and I will see Him in the flesh.

Ch 20: Zophar (friend #3): I’ve held my tongue long enough listening to your insults and denials–the wicked have what’s coming, they can’t avoid it.

Ch 21: Job: You say the wicked get punished in this life, but I look around and a lot of them seem to be doing pretty good–I don’t think we can base our understanding of their walk with God on their level of blessing in this life. Yes, they will eventually receive their just reward in Sheol.

Ch 22: Eliphaz (friend #2): So its because you are so obedient to God that He’s reproving you? If you will just forsake your protests and repent, God will restore your good fortunes.

Ch 23: Job: If I could just appear before God, I would present my case, but of course I can’t perceive Him like He perceives me. I have remained steadfastly obedient and He knows that–eventually there will be reward; God is in control.

Ch 24: Job: Why does God seem to ignore evil? (Job gives a ton of examples) Who can dispute this?

Ch 25: Bildad (friend #1): God is awesome, even stars are not pure in His sight, how can you say this about Him?

Ch 26: Job: You’re some help! Of course God is incomprehensible (Job gives a science lesson) He “hangs the earth on nothing”.

Ch 27: Job: Yes wicked men will eventually get their due, but I wasn’t wicked before God, so I just don’t understand why I’m in this situation.

Ch 28: Job: You know, silver, gold, iron and copper can be searched for and dug out of the ground; finding wisdom is much harder, and the value of wisdom is much greater than gold–fearing God is wisdom and departing from evil is understanding.

Ch 29: Job: My life used to be one of integrity, righteousness and blessing where I defended the weak and orphaned and pursued justice for the guilty.

Ch 30: Job: Now I am taunted and spat upon by young people and those who were administered the justice they deserved. I call out to God to restore my former estate and He is silent.

Ch 31: Job: I conducted myself in the utmost integrity–I didn’t lust after virgins, lie, steal, mistreat slaves, gloat in my wealth nor rejoice over the downfall of my enemies.


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