Job 32-37

Elihu is a fourth person who had not until now addressed Job. He is younger and has waited his turn, letting the older ones speak to Job first. He is full of “vim and vigor” and goes on for a full 6 chapters.

Ch 32: He begins by explaining how he has waited to let the older men exhaust their comments to Job but that he is just about bursting, trying to hold in what he has to say.

Ch 33: Elihu summarizes Job’s arguments fairly accurately and then says “you are not right in this”. Elihu tells Job that God allows difficulties into a man’s life in order to redeem him so that he will repent, “to bring back his soul from the pit”

(c) Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Ch 34: Elihu again reprises Job’s justification of himself, that he didn’t earn God’s displeasure. Elihu says that God is aware of every part of our lives and does not act unjustly; we reap exactly what we sow–pretty much the same argument as the previous three men. Elihu says ‘don’t add rebellion to your sin’, just confess and repent.

Ch 35: Elihu: Is your righteousness more than God’s? He’s not listening because your cries to Him are not sincere, since you won’t admit your wrongdoing and your words are empty.

Ch 36: Elihu: God is perfect in knowledge, He sees everything–you’re not getting away with anything.

Ch 37: Elihu: God is behind the storms and in control of nature, His power is exalted–He is not going to regard the “wise in heart”.


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