Genesis 25-26

jacobesauCh 25: Abraham remarries and has a bunch of kids whose descendants eventually become enemies of Israel. Abraham dies at 175 and is buried next to Sarah. Ishmael has 12 sons as prophesied. Isaac has twin boys Esau and Jacob; a prophecy is given that the older will serve the younger. Jacob the younger manipulates starving Esau to give up his birthright for a bowl of soup.  How often we give up long term blessings for short term gain.

Ch 26: A famine causes Isaac to move to Gerar Valley, near Abimelech. Isaac, just like his father, passes off Rebekah as his sister rather than his own wife to protect his skin. This is third time this has happened in Genesis, twice with Abraham and once with Isaac!! I’d say this is a family problem–sins of one generation are visited on the next. Wow, God help us.

Isaac becomes rich, and there is conflict between his people and Abimelech’s, Isaac moves to Beersheba. He is constantly digging wells and finding water, not an easy thing to do in the desert. God is blessing Isaac.  Money often causes contention, doesn’t it?

Esau gets married to Judith and they are a source of grief to Isaac and Rebekah–marriages of children do that to parents. Again, God help us.


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