I am

Trinitarian [One What, Three Who’s-2 Cor 13:14]

believing in

YaHWeH[God’s personal name-Exo 3:13-15]  God [Eternal, Uncreated, All-Everything-1 Tim 1:17] 


Salvation in Jesus [Mt 1:21]  by Grace [A Free Gift that Cost God Everything]  Alone [No Payment but Gratitude]

through Faith [Trusting in God’s Provision]  Alone [No Work but Belief]

There will be a

Bodily [That’s a New, Imperishable Body] Resurrection [Somehow Also Comprised of the Old Body]

of Believers in Yeshua [God the Son] at His Return [Yes He’s Coming Back–Are You Ready?]

I am a Christian, husband of 1 and father of 3 living and working in the western U.S.

I did not study religion formally but certainly enjoy digging into the word and trying to explain what I’ve found in compelling and concise articles.

I am of the opinion that the “end of the age” is close and we need to be looking up, that our redemption is very near.  I think the Beast of Revelation is none other than Islam and see that persecution of the Bride under this Satanic system is on a horrific increase around the globe.  We need to pray for our brothers and sisters, that they remain faithful to our God until the end–that they walk in victory.

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2 Responses to BASICS

  1. kay says:

    But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.
    James 2:18

  2. I am an Ex-Devout-Muslim and 66 years of age!, but now since 3 three years ago, I really do believe in The God of Baruch Spinoza as Einstein did!
    I believe in Einstein’s Thoughts!
    I believe in all people who love humanity sincerely!
    I believe in people who always try to use his (fully active) developed brain in searching the truth of his being, through science!

    Religious thoughts are the product of ancient human brains living in the dark! Thoughts of ancient great leaders, specifically, appropriate and concerning only (to and for) their people of the area and situation of that time!

    The founders of the Abraham’s-religions, Moses (Judaism), Jesus (inspired the Christian’s Bible writers) and Muhammad (Quran), each of them were great human beings!

    We now, through science, have knowledge on the historicity about each one of them!

    Moses, he lead and freed his people to enable them to live free as a new nation and had teach them how to be good to other humans!

    Jesus, he saw himself as the one to save the people from the wickedness of the Jewish priests who manipulated the laws of Moses and cooperated with the Romans! Jesus sacrificed himself in order to keep faithful to his own words and understand how a man should keep the faith of the people who believe in him!

    Muhammad, he was and had a smart brain too! Since his childhood people know how smart he is! His uncle brought Muhammad with him on his trade travels. Traveling through the vast deserts, from Mecca up to Syria using Camel caravans!

    And during all those years of travelings, Muhammad must have met different kind of people and of various religious beliefs, living along the desert and ancient cities, including Jerusalem. ….and so…during his adulthood, by comparing other peoples way of living and beliefs with the people of his own area, he came to the understanding on how to educate his own folks to a better moral life!

    We must admit that Muhammad have had a good intention at the beginning of his preaching, just like Moses did. But when the going gets tougher in Medina after the demise of his wife and uncle, his human smartness takes over to handle the new situation he faced after escaping Mecca!

    After trying to persuade the Jews to accept him as the promised Messiah, which the Jews did not buy it; Muhammad then changed his way of persuasion and used his smart brain to modify his thoughts and learning from the Nestorians he have got during his travels!

    So..with a smart brain of his time …..have now resulted in the “the Last of the Abraham’s religion” version with its unending problems on humanity!

    To my present brain knowledge and based on my experience, I assert that all of them, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are just great leaders! Each of them has his own visions and greatness!
    Just History and Politics of the Past! Not appropriate for the Present!
    We all are brothers and sisters.

    Now….I believe that only Humanity will binds us together and that only Science could lead the way to a better future!

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