Genesis 12-15

August 10, 2015

Ch 12: Abram called from Iraq to Canaan. He brings a lot of people, animals and possessions with him. Abram trusts God by following his call to move to Canaan. He sets up an altar near Jerusalem before heading down to Egypt because of a famine. He lies to Egyptians about his wife (calls her his sister; he’s afraid he’ll be killed and she stolen from him if he tells the truth) who is very beautiful. Judgment comes down on Egypt because Pharaoh is about to make her a concubine/wife. They get expelled back to Canaan.

Ch 13: Lot, Abram’s nephew, and Abram return to Canaan. The land can’t support both, so Abram gives Lot first choice of land. Lot chooses the Jordan river valley since its well-watered. YHWH has Abram look in all directions and is promised everything he can see and told that his descendants will be more than the dust of the earth. Abram trusts God by putting others before himself; he trusts that God will take care of him.
Ch 14: There’s a war, nephew Lot is captured. Abram assembles his men, goes after him and rescues him and takes much booty. Melchizedek, the king of Salem (Peace)and a priest of YHWH (Jesus is our high priest) comes and brings out bread and wine (body and blood of Christ); Abram gives him a tenth (a tithe). This is a Christophany, an appearance of Christ in the OT. King of Sodom says “keep everything, just give me back my people”. Abram says “no, you can have everything back; I will trust God to provide for me.”

Ch 15: Abram is worried that he doesn’t have an heir. YHWH tells him he will have an heir that comes from his own body. Abram believed/had faith in God and it was counted as righteousness.


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